Most children like TASTE-n-SEE for its sweet orange flavor and slight tangy taste. The formula was developed by a nationally recognized nutritionist and physician and carefully blended with natural sweeteners, flavors and coloring. The flavoring was developed by an FDA approved flavoring laboratory and manufacturing facility. Great care was taken in every stage of development and manufacture to assure that the highest quality natural products were provided.


Under development for three (3) years, TASTE-n-SEE may safely be taken by children of ALL ages as a daily nutritional supplement. The vitamins are all natural. Secured from the top supplier of quality mineral supplements in the U.S., most of the minerals are amino acid chelated to increase their body absorption.


TASTE-n-SEE ††conforms 100% to all regulations mandated by the FDA for natural supplements. For safety the vitamin mix is manufactured and tested for purity in bulk form and shipped as a concentrate directly from the factory in five(5) gallon containers. Liquid concentrate is decanted† easily into a one gallon container with a plunger which supplies one ounce (6 doses) per plunger full.


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