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Taste-n-Seeís development started with targeting children who are malnourished, but it soon became clear all children would benefit from its nutritious formulation. Under development for three years, here is the history:


May, 1999† Idea of a powdered nutritional drink for children is floated with Dr. Joel Robbins, MD and Nutritionist. He agrees to come up with a formula. Plesion asked that it contain zinc and Vitamin A and as many other vitamins and minerals as he thought a child should have on a daily basis. He told Plesion† that flavoring would be a problem to mask the bitterness of the minerals he would recommend.


2000† During the period leading up to Dr. Robbins formula being completed, Plesion researched US Military food purchasing sources, US Vitamin Industry sources and World Health Organization (WHO) sources for a similar formula. The WHO had a formula which is included in their 90 page manual for the treatment of malnutrition in children.
††††† Plesion shopped for sources to buy it ready-made. No source was located in the U.S. which contained the exact combination of WHO vitamins and minerals. Plesion also looked for a product
close to the WHO formula which was in powder form and flavored for a small child's palate. Many existing products contained unnecessary and sometimes harmful elements for children (such as bee pollen).

March, 2001† Dr. Robbins completes† his formula and donates it to Plesion.

December, 2001† Plesion locates Brand Aromatics in Lakewood, NJ and they generously offer to come up with a flavoring formula and donate the formula to Plesion.


March, 2002† The final flavoring formula from Brand Aromatics is received and work begins to find a natural coloring. Natural Ingredients Laboratory in St. Louis, MO suggests beta-carotene. After some experimentation, beta-carotene was selected as the coloring (orange).


April, 2002†† Plesion dubbs the mix 'Taste-n-See' from Psalm 34:8. Suitable packaging is selected and a label is designed.

May, 2002†† Plesion finds a local FDA approved plant for mixing the flavoring mix, the vitamin/mineral mix, the fructose and the coloring and having it packaged and labeled in the present canisters. The first 1000 lb batch was mixed and packaged.


June, 2002†† The first shipments were made to Vietnam and Malawi, Africa.


August, 2003Second production run of Taste-n-See made with additional vitamins. Total now 21 vitamins and minerals with more calcium, protein.


March, 2004† Large shipment made to Romania for orphanages (90,000 doses).


October, 2006. Liquid formula finalized and order placed for 100 gallons.


January, 2007. Large shipment made to Jos, Nigeria for Haven of Hope (72,960 doses)


February, 2007. Shipment made to Hope Renewal Center in Soddo, Ethiopia(3072 doses)



History of Development

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