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Descriptions for Vitamins/Minerals

21 Vitamins & Minerals for Children

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Essential for

Symptoms of deficiency


Vitamin A

Healthy eyes, growth and repair of cells, anti-infection (immunity)

Night blindness, retarded growth, susceptibility to infection, dry eyes

Adequate intake in children decreased deaths from all causes, such as measles

Vitamin B6

Energy, healthy red blood cells, immunity, healthy skin, protein metabolism

Weakness, poor appetite, anemia, depression, sore mouth, susceptibility to infection

Those with higher concentrations of B6 showed better memory in elderly, zinc necessary for absorption

Folic Acid (Folate)

Protein metabolism, healthy red cells, bones, nerves, digestive and immune systems

Anemia, gastrointestinal disorders. Mood disorders due to increased homocysteine concentration.

Most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Often as a result of diet low in vegetables and use of

prescription drugs and


Vitamin B12

Energy release from food, amino acid metabolism, growth and development

Anemia, lightheadedness, headache, irritability. Nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, confusion

Deficiency causes pernicious anemia. Reduced platelet formation causes bruising and poor clotting. High folate intake needed.

Vitamin E