Please note that TASTE-n-SEE was directed towards general use with all children with some built-in safeguards for its use with malnourished children. For instance, it does not contain iron, which is not recommended for the initial treatment of small children who are severely malnourished. It should also be noted that the RDI percentages are calculated on a 2000 calorie diet. If the diet consists of less than 2000 calories (as experienced with most malnourished children), then these percentages would rise proportionately. Therefore, some caution should be exercised when deciding how much and how often the supplement is to be administered to malnourished children.


Potassium and magnesium are in the formula, but in small amounts (10mg and 26mg respectively). If more is needed of these two minerals, TASTE-n-SEE may be administered twice daily safely without exceeding any of the FDA upper limit guidelines for any of the vitamins and minerals. Of course, additional amounts of potassium and magnesium may be added separately if needed. If TASTE-n-SEE is administered three times per day, the upper limit of Vitamin A (RDI) is exceeded by 50%.


It should be noted that TASTE-n-SEE meets or exceeds the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for Vitamin B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12 and Folic Acid. These vitamins, however, are still well within the FDA’s limits which are derived from National Science Foundation data. The TASTE-n-SEE formula also very closely matches the WHO guidelines for Vitamin A, D and Vitamin E. Some minerals in TASTE-n-SEE are not called for in the WHO formulas, but were nonetheless recommended by Dr. Joel Robbins, MD, ND who developed the formula and felt they were important to include. 


If the child needs a specific element (such as iron or sodium), it should be added separately to the diet. For instance, TASTE-n-SEE contains beef protein and no iron or sodium. The orange flavoring and the coloring are natural. The color is beta-carotene. Once the liquid (off-white color) is diluted in water it may not taste as inviting as in its concentrate form. The amount of water used is not critical as one teaspoon of liquid Taste-n-See contains the daily serving amount of vitamins and minerals listed on the “Supplemental Facts” label. If it tastes better when dissolved in 2oz of water rather than 4oz, this is a matter of choice.


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