INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPENING 5 GAL CONTAINER. #1—Pry up plastic ring and remove it. The black cap underneath the ring  (shown removed above in #2) has two handles which can be used to remove the cap and expose the plastic ring to be used to pull the spout up to the position for pouring as shown above.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR POURING VITAMIN MIX FROM 5 GAL CONTAINER #3– Position the container at the edge of a sturdy table. It is very heavy and will require help during this stage of the operation. First, position a one(1) gallon container with a funnel placed as shown. Then tip the container as shown in #4 with the black spout cap removed(as in #2) and fill the one(1) gallon container with vitamin mix. Do not overfill as the plunger used to dispense the mix takes up room in the 1 gallon bottle. See illustration #5 of filled gallon bottle. NOTE: 5mls or 1 teaspoon equals one daily serving.  EACH gallon of mix contains 768 daily doses of 1tsp each. A 5 gallon container has 3840 daily doses of vitamin mix at 1 tsp each. See #6 for closeup illustration of mix pouring from 5gal container.






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